Meet the friendly folks at the Cakery!

Georgette McPherson - Co-owner of the Cakery Lubbock


Georgette McPherson & Tasha Teel - Co-owners and master bakers

The Cakery began as an idea between two friends who shared a love for cake decorating. "Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to create fantastic cakes for people who want to give us money in return!" The idea grew as they talked and dreamed, and eventually it became a real bakery. Georgette has always loved designing and decorating wedding and special occasion cakes. Her first career was in education, and she retired after teaching for 34 years in the Lubbock schools. Retirement was boring, so she joined the staff at the Science Spectrum in the education department. There she met Tasha.

Tasha went to culinary school. She always enjoyed preparing pastries more than savory items. She also loved designing and decorating wedding and special occasion cakes, and wished to open her own bake shop.

They decided to combine love of teaching and decorating to a new level by designing a unique bakery environment. The result is a decorating kitchen open to public view where clients can watch as Cakery goodies are designed and created.